New animation: The Chase

April 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

Here’s my latest animated video for The Backhomes‘ new single “The Chase”. Inspired by the early experimental work of Robert Breer I wanted the piece to have a lo-fi analog look and feel. The choppy animation and strobe effects pair well with the driving song, and the hand drawn animated characters introduce a narrative to the otherwise abstract piece. Let me know what you think:

New Video: You Gotta Move

September 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

I recently finished a video for my musical project The Backhomes‘ single “You Gotta Move”. Inspired by laissez-faire low fi music videos from the 90s by bands like Spacemen 3, we shot it in bits and pieces while on tour. I started editing on my lap as we drove back towards the west coast, layering animation, prismic loops, and footage of a mesmerizing 15,000 sandpipers flying in New Brunswick. You can watch it here!

New Poster: Braids (Rifflandia)

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The Backhomes 12″ LP design

June 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here’s the album I designed for my music project The Backhomes. They just arrived in the mail today! Released on limited edition blue vinyl. Get ’em before they melt!


back cover

We leave for our first North American tour in a couple weeks. Check our website, maybe we’ll be coming through your town. I will be posting from my tour sketchbook here and on instagram. Join me on this new adventure!

Animation for “I Want a Bird”

March 15, 2013 § 3 Comments

This new Current Swell video features a bunch of birdies I animated. Produced by the talented folks at Giant Ant Media

New Poster: Katie Moore

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Animated LUNICE Poster

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is a poster I designed for the Rifflandia music festival. LUNICE is an electronic/hip hop dj from Montreal. A former breakdancer, he is known for high energy performances on stage, often leaving the dj booth to dance with the audience. I wanted to reflect the energy and movement of his live performances in this poster.

Loving screen printed by the pros at the Olio Artist & Workers Cooperative in grey, black and gold ink, I’ve got 20 18 x 24″prints available for sale for only $20 each + shipping! Get one via my Etsy shop while supplies last. (Click image below to enlarge)

To illustrate the “static animation” technique used in the design, I created this animated gif to show how the images actually combine to make him dance.

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