You & Me Keef!

April 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

A new coffee & ink piece in honour of Keith Richards’ autobiography Life, yet another book finished way behind the times (but such is my life). I have to say it was quite nice taking Keef to bed every night. I’m all for his philosophies on music and living (minus the smack), and he’s one of my guitar role models.

The “KR IV” refers to his reaction when Mick was knighted: “As for me, I won’t be Lord Richards, I’ll be fucking King Richard IV, with that IV pronounced eye-vee…” heh. Click to enlarge.

Love to Patti

February 9, 2012 § 3 Comments

I recently finished reading Just Kids, Patti Smith’s memoir about her and famed photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s early years in New York City. I’m sure you’ve all read it by now. It’s a beautifully written and inspiring story despite the sad ending. GOOD Magazine editor Ann Friedman sums it up well in her review for This Recording, “…it’s also “our story”—Patti and us. Patti and every woman who has felt within her a desire to create.” So true.

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Work for the wall

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the fun things about moving into a new place is decorating, and we’ve been busy since we arrived in Victoria making our living and working space look nice. We’ve got this huge wall that I needed to fill before having people over on the weekend, so I gave myself a “free Friday” afternoon of drawing with the hopes that I’d come out of it with something suitable.

Here are the resulting images, a triptych that wasn’t at all planned except for the colour-scheme, which I wanted to make sure complimented the gorgeous Jack Shadbolt owl print on the right (found in my grandmother’s basement this winter). Now I’ve got to find something for the left-hand side of the wall…

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