Everyone can animate!

November 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

I wanted to share a few of the gifs we created at the Animation Workshop I did at the AGGV last Thursday. It was an interesting evening to prepare for because I wanted to be inclusive to all skill levels, from people who don’t normally draw to those with more experience. But I also wanted to make sure we all got some hands on experience animating.unnamed-2
After discussing different techniques and how they relate to the work that I do we were ready to try our luck making an animated loop. We did so without the help of a light table, instead trusting our eyes to get stuff as uniform and lined up as possible side by side on the page. I brought a number of objects to choose from and we got to work sketching.unnamed-1
Here are some of the resulting pieces, all drawn quickly with pencil, in about an hour and a half. Most were scanned and animated on site. Animations in order by: Rosalinde, Greg, Sheila, Terry, Mariesa, Chris, Robin and me. Photos courtesy of the AGGV.




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