The Butcher Bar

September 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here are some photos of a little DIY project I just finished. My baby brother got married recently and I had to think of an amazing gift idea. He and his wife already have an embarrassing amount of my artwork on their walls so I couldn’t go that route… Then the best idea came to me: BUTCHER BAR!
The block, which was gathering dust in my garage, has 7″ thick maple top and four sturdy legs with cross beams. It has been in the family for a generation, originally given to my parents by my aunt and uncle when they got hitched in the 70s. It was used in our kitchen when we were kids, and then it migrated down to the smoking room where it underwent years of teenage abuse. Names were carved into the wood, nails were hammered, holes gouged out, and numerous attempts were made to light it on fire. Sometime around 1997 I decided to paint over it all, and this was what it looked like ever since…
Sanding my hippy fish painting down revealed a lot of the original graffiti. I made sure to leave gems like the names of my bro’s close friends, and other nostalgic stuff like the word “rap” and a cool skull.
I stained the top to match the lower half of the block and drilled holes in the bottoms of the legs to attach casters, which brought the height up to a better level and made it easier to move around (the thing weighs a tonne).butcherbar11butcherbar9butcherbar10

Finally I added a thick glass shelf across the lower beams to create a platform where booze can be stored. A wireless LED light on the underside of the block illuminates the bottles during parties. Natch.

We sourced out some bar accessories and cute bottles of mix in Vancouver and down to the wire my mom found the perfect art deco meets southwestern tray at Salvation Army. The whole thing from start to finish took about a day and half, and the happy couple are stoked. Butcher Bar complete!


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