New Animation: “H.C.”

June 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m excited to announce the release of my second animated short. Done in collaboration with Montreal band Plants and Animals, this minute-long film accompanies the song “H.C.” from their latest album That Was The End Of That.

Check out, share and embed the video via YouTube, and let me know your thoughts! It is also now posted on my website.

Keep reading for more on the making of…

I was given full creative control on this project, which was a great excuse to experiment with some new techniques. These included shooting my backgrounds and textures on Super8 film, which I then scanned and made loops of in After Effects. Stop motion stills of shadows and sunlight dancing on the skin of an old marching band drum (I love incorporating drums in my animations in one way or another) provided the perfect moving textures on which to do my ink animation.

I decided to include the edges of the film in my loops. I think I was just so excited to be working with real film again, it seemed a shame to not show them. The perks of digitizing analog? Also using the frames made the film dimensions just wide enough for a 16:9 (HD) aspect ratio, so there ya go.

The animating, as always, was fun and challenging, and magical. I’m starting to feel more confident with my ink technique. It’s just so rewarding when all these random images come together and do what you wanted them to do especially as I don’t use a peg board and squeeze as many stills onto one page as possible because I love how it looks, and don’t want to waste paper. And I don’t want things getting too perfect.

Kees did the sound design at the beginning and end of the film. Ocean, waves, wind… We recorded our own foley in the living room, which included a wet floor and an intense quest for the perfect replica of a crow’s feet landing on an acoustic guitar. Success!

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§ 2 Responses to New Animation: “H.C.”

  • doubleblue02 says:

    Lovely combination of images and sounds. The running horse was particularly effective for me.

  • […] Despite power outages and extreme flooding I was surprised to find out “on time” that my animated short “H.C.” (done in collaboration with Plants and Animals) won an AI-AP International Motion Arts Award! One of only 46 films selected for their premiere collection, it will screen in NYC at a couple events that I wish I could go to ☺. Excited to see all the films that won! Read about the making of in this earlier blog post. […]

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