Watch the Teak…

April 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

One of the perks of living in Victoria is that it’s really easy to fill your home with mid-century modern furniture (used of course). If you’re not familiar with the style, think Don Draper’s new condo… The stuff’s everywhere out here. Beautiful design, great quality and cheap. Unlike most furniture on the market today, if properly cared for it lasts for many many years. If properly cared for

I designed these handy little signs for a friend who has lots of teak and lots of cocktail parties. Anyone who owns anything made out of this wood will know what I’m talking about. Having to throw coasters at your dinner guests to save them putting a—gasp—hot plate or drippy glass down directly on your precious wood gets tedious. I don’t know how Don does it. Cheers from the Victoria Teak Preservation Society.


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